Terms and Conditions

The following terms reflect the way our Centre work and the laws that apply to our company.

As a result, these Terms and Conditions help define XSQUARE's relationship with our students as they interact with our service.


In these Terms and Conditions:

1. “Centre” shall mean XSQUARE Mathematics Specialist Learning Centre and its affiliates, officers, agents and employees.

2. “Payment Due Date” shall be as defined in accordance with Clause 2 of these Terms and Conditions.

Class and Fees

1. A non-refundable registration fee of S$80 shall be payable for new student or student attending new course.

Regular Term Classes are held on a weekly basis for a duration of up to 12 weeks per term in accordance with the schedule set out at Annex A of these Terms and Conditions. There will be classes held on government gazetted public holidays save for New Year's Day, Lunar New Year and Christmas.

Customised Classes are scheduled in the months of June, October and November each year.

Customised Classes are offered on a 3 or 5 class basis. Consultation Classes may be arranged separately and are conducted on an hourly and per-lesson basis

2. The Payment Due Date for classes shall be as follows:

The class fees for the month of registration (pro-rated as the case may be, if the student enrolls mid-way through the month) as well as a non-refundable material cost of $60 per annum (see clause 17 below) shall be payable immediately upon registration and submission of the Registration Form, together with the registration fee.

Class fees for the following term's classes shall be payable by the last week of each preceding term

Class fees for Customised Classes shall be calculated in accordance with the table set out in Clause 4 below and payable in full upon registration.

Class fees for Consultation Classes are payable on a per-lesson basis as set out in the table at Clause 4 below and shall be payable in full upon registration.

Payment of the class fees can be made by way of cash, cheque payment or internet/ATM bank transfer to POSB Savings Account 438-27339-5. A receipt can be issued upon request. Save as provided for in Clause 5 below, class fees are strictly non-refundable.

3. The Centre reserves all rights not to accept the student and/or to cancel or terminate any classes or disallow the student from attending any classes, as the case may be, if payment has not been made by the relevant Payment Due Date as set out in Clause 2 above or any other date as the Centre may stipulate in its sole and absolute discretion. The student will be deemed to have withdrawn from the Centre and his/her existing place will be given to the next student on the waiting list.

4. The Centre reserves the right to reschedule and/or to cancel a class at any point of time. In the event that the tutor cancels a class and is unable to reschedule the cancelled class, the pro-rated class fee for that class shall be refunded.

Expectations of Students

1. Students are expected to do their part by being punctual for lessons, doing all assigned worksheets and corrections. Students are encouraged to ask questions to clarify their doubts in class in order to benefit from the small group tuition.

2. Students should come prepared for every lesson with their stationery (pen, pencils, eraser, correction tape, construction set, flexible curve ruler, graph paper), foolscap (for formative assessment) and A4 ringed notebook (for notes-taking and practice during lessons)

3. Students must inform the Centre about their school's scheme of work, test schedules and weightage early, so that the Centre may adjust the class plan if it deems necessary to better cater to the students' needs.

4. Students should bring their school assessment papers for classes, so that analysis of the students 'gaps of knowledge can be done to feed-forward the next lesson's learning. The analysis of the papers will be returned by the next lesson

Absence from class

1. Lessons are conducted as per the schedule set out at Annex A unless otherwise notified by the Centre. No refunds shall be allowed for absence for class for any reason whatsoever. The student will receive the materials, if any, for that particular class missed.

2. In the event of absence from class for a valid reason (as defined in clause 12 below), students may choose to attend either (a) another class for the same group size subject to suitability as determined by the Centre (“Replacement Class”); or (b) the scheduled consultation sessions (“Scheduled Consultation Session”). There will be 3 Scheduled Consultation Sessions per term, to be held on the Wednesday of the 3rd, 6th and 9th week of each term unless otherwise notified by the Centre to the parents / guardians. The duration of each Scheduled Consultation Session shall be 1 hour. Kindly take note that the Scheduled Consultation Session may be based on the heterogeneous curriculum and / or grouping.

3. Absence for a valid reason shall be either (a) absence due to medical illness supported by a valid medical certificate; or (b) absence due to official school events supported by a letter on the school's letterhead. The supporting documents (valid medical certificate / letter from school) shall be provided within 2 weeks of the absence and must be accepted by the Centre. For the avoidance of doubt, no refunds, Replacement Class or Scheduled Consultation Session shall be given for any absence from class on the basis of personal reasons such as family vacations or individual external competitions.

4. To the extent possible, any absence from class should be notified via SMS to 97384137 at least 3 days to a week in advance to facilitate arrangement of any Replacement Class or Scheduled Consultation Session. The student's attendance at a /Replacement Class and/or Scheduled Consultation Session is strictly subject to availability and at the Centre's sole and absolute discretion. Students are only allowed up to a maximum of 2 Replacement Classes and/or Scheduled Consultation Sessions (collectively) each term for Terms 1-3 and up to 4 Replacement Classes and/or Scheduled Consultation Sessions (collectively) in a calendar year. No Replacement Class and/or Scheduled Consultation Session will be available for Term 4.

5. In the event that the student does not attend any Replacement Class or Scheduled Consultation Session for any reason whatsoever, the class fee for that particular class missed shall be forfeited and shall not be refunded notwithstanding that the absence was for a valid reason.


1. One month's notice in writing shall be given for withdrawals from class or a payment of one month's fees in lieu. There shall not be a refund of any class fees or material costs already paid.

Class Closure and Class Materials

1. The Centre reserves the right to close a class when the number of students falls below the minimum requirement. In the event of class closure, one month's notice will be given to parents and students. The minimum number of students required for any class is 3, or any other number as may be stipulated by the Centre in its sole and absolute discretion.

2. There will be a non-refundable material cost of $60 per year for Regular Term Classes. This includes the printing of formative assessment as well as timed-practice papers designed according to the school's scheme of work. Payment of the non-refundable material cost shall be made upon registration for the class.

Intellectual Property & Personal Data Protection

1. The Parent / Guardian consents to the Centre's collection, use and disclosure of his/her personal data, as well as the personal data of the student named in the registration form, for purposes arising out of and in connection with the Centre's business. Such use includes, but is not limited to:

  • contacting the Parent / Guardian and the student updated in respect of the Centre's services;
  • for general administrative and management purposes including accounting and invoicing;
  • the publication of the student's written work or academic achievements, in any form or media at any time (even after the student has withdrawn from the Centre); and
  • use of the student's photographs taken during lessons for marketing and publicity purposes.

2. The Parent / Guardian is entitled to withdraw such consent by giving notice in writing to the Centre.

3. The Centre owns the intellectual property and/or licensing rights of all worksheets, course papers, learning material and any other material (in any form whether electronic or otherwise) distributed or used during the class. Save as otherwise agreed to beforehand in writing with the Centre, the parent / guardian / student shall not circulate, distribute, copy or reproduce the aforementioned materials.


1. All costs incurred as a result of any damage, injury, loss, expense or liability that may be caused to the Centre's property by the student will be borne by his/her parents/guardians.

2. While the Centre will take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the student during classes, the Centre assumes no liability for personal injury, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever which might be sustained by the student in the premises of the Centre howsoever caused except by the wilful default or gross negligence of the Centre.

3. The Centre reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions at its sole and absolute discretion.

4. These terms and conditions shall be governed by Singapore law.

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